Wholesale Voice

Wholesale VOIP Termination


VoxPace with many years of experience in VoIP deployment, hence we believe in extending our hands & provide opportunity to individual or Groups around the world to start their own VoIP businesses in the sector of telecom, without taking any financial and marketing risks.

We provide fast, simple, easy and cost-effective steps of interconnection to our wholesale Partners (VoIP Resellers). The process just includes making a standard deposit for opening an account with us and get interconnected easily. and partner can use deposit for the usage of traffic consumption.

Customer satisfaction is our motto and utmost priority.

Our carrier service department activates Partners account within no time. Our business Partner can start rendering services to their customers through a single interconnection with our network and customer care support cell.

Benefits of Wholesale Voice


Capacity on Demand

“Most businesses that rely on traditional phone solutions pay for up to 50 percent more lines than they need—just to be safe,” Virtutone notes on its website.

With Virtutone’s SIP trunking, companies can manage the same call capacity with fewer lines (or “channels”) and only subscriber to the lines they really need. A feature called Channel Bursting ensures that capacity needed is always available on demand. Channels can be added or removed within 24-48 hours as needed—about 10 times the speed it would take to make changes in a traditional PRI-based system.


Aggregated Channels and In-Network Calling

“SIP trunking not only allows you to benefit from an extended in-network calling area, but also pools available capacity across multiple locations,” points out Virtutone on its website.

This means capacity can be dynamically allocated, based on demand, to any site. This is unlike traditional PRIs, which have fixed site-specific capacities. With SIP trunking, it’s easy to have any one site act as a failover to ensure business continuity.

Because of its national network footprint, Virtutone can help its clients eliminate long-distance charges by selecting phone numbers from more than 8,500 local U.S. exchanges and 1,100 Canadian cities, assigning each location to a single SIP trunk.